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2000 Blues, Jive IV, Nelson, March, 2009
A La Mer, Rumba IV+1, Moore, September, 2011
Adios, Waltz IV+1, Cullips/Norman, January, 2017
Ain't Misbehavin', Jive IV, Wilhoit, May, 2009
Alhamba, Waltz IV+1, Halbert, February, 2011
Alice Blue Gown, Waltz III+1, Utley, January, 2010
All Fall Down, Bolero III+2, Nelsonr, December, 2014
All His Children, Waltz IV, Smelser, February, 2009
All Over Again, Waltz II+2, Hichman, May, 2001
All That Jazz Two, Two Step II+1, Springer, January, 2004
All That Jazz, Foxtrot V, Sechrist, September, 2009
All the While, Jive III+2, Kincaid, October, 2008
And I Love You So, Rumba V+1, Childers, April, 2014
And the Difference Is You, Rumba III+1, Moore, September, 2011
Answer Me, Waltz III, Palmquist, October, 2008
Anything But Love Foxtrot, Foxtrot IV+1, Slater, March, 2017
Aphrodite, Rumba IV+2, Kincaid, March, 2006
April in Portugal, Rumba IV+1, Dunn, June, 2003
As You Like, Bolero III+2, Buck, February, 2006
Autumn Leaves, Mixed III+2, Moss, October, 2015

Baby Elephant Jive, Jive III+1, Hamilton, May, 2005
Baby You've Got What It Takes, Jive III+2, Helms, January, 2006
Bali Ha'i, Rumba IV, Gloodt, May, 2014
Banjo Rumba, Rumba V, Powell/Brosie, February, 2009
Bayroo Bayou, Rumba IV+1, Norris, April, 2005
Beautiful Noise, Cha Cha III, Van Lokeren, February, 2006
Behind Closed Doors, Slow Two Step IV+1, Helms, March, 2014
The Best of Me, Bolero IV+1, Goss/Figwer, November, 2010
Blueberry Hill, West Coast Swing V, Buck, January, 2012
Bon Bon Five Count, Five Count III, Croft, April, 1998
Bossa Nova Mambo, Mambo III+2, Oetelaar, February, 2010
Brian's Song, Two Step II+2, Pierson, August, 1998
Blue, Slow Two Step IV+1, Van Lokeren, February, 2014
Blue Coast, West Coast Swing V, Bond, August, 2012
Blue Rain Foxtrot, Foxtrot IV+1, Hichman July, 2015
Blue on Blue, Rumba IV, Balk, June, 2006
Blueberry Hill, West Coast Swing V, Buck, February, 2012
Broadway Quickstep, Quickstep III+2, Hamilton, February, 2009

Call Me Irresponsible, Foxtrot IV+1, Maquire, September, 2001
Can't Help Falling, Slow Two Step III+2, Kincaid, January, 2016
Carnival, Rumba IV+1, Rumble, April, 2017
Carolina Moon, Waltz III+2, Rumble, October, 2008
Castles and Kings, Waltz V+1, Slater, April, 2016
Champagne Quickstep, Quickstep III+2, Rother, April, 2006
Cheek to Cheek, Foxtrot IV+1, Chadd, May, 2017
Colors Bolero, Bolero IV+2, Dufrene, February, 2006
Columbia Quickstep, Quickstep IV, Pierson, September, 2009
Come Away with Me, Waltz IV, Powell/Brosie, June, 2006
Crazy, Bolero V, Slater, February, 2006

Dancez Merengue, Merengue V, Shibata, March, 2005
Dancing Shadows, Two Step II, Arnfield, March, 2006
Danny Boy, Bolero V+2, Weiss, March, 2006
Dear Heart, Waltz III+2, Jabour, November, 2014
Do You Remember These, Two Step II+1, Brann, May, 2003
Dream a Little Dream of Me, Foxtrot V, Shibata, July, 2011
Dream Awhile, Waltz III, Ellis, January, 2008
Duerme, Rumba IV+2, Slater, November, 2008
Dum Dum Jive, Jive IV+2, Scott, November, 2006

Easy to Love, Waltz IV, Slater, Auguat, 2015
Entre Mis Recuerdos, Bolero IV+1, Gloodt, March, 2016
Esta Rumba, Rumba III+2, Barton, April, 1998
Exodus, Slow Two Step IV+1, Roger, April, 2014

Far Away Place, Waltz III+1, Mueller, July, 2008
Flashdance, Bolero/Jive III+1, Eum/Hadley, July, 2010
Fine Brown Frame, Jive IV+2, Hurd, March, 2006
The First Flower, Waltz III, Nelson, July, 2012
Forgotten Dreams, Waltz IV, Sanders, August, 2015
Four Walls, Waltz II+1, Paull, September, 2004
Four Walls IV, Waltz IV+1, Buck, June, 2012
From Sarah with Love, Slow Two Step IV+1, Prufer, May, 2010

Gaelic Morning, Waltz II, Ackerman, April, 2004
Games That Lovers Play, Two Step III, Wolcott, March, 2001
Gardenia Tango, Tango IV+1, Parker, June, 2107
Gentle Quickstep, Quickstep III+1, Martin, May, 2006
Georgia Brown Quickstep, Quickstep IV, Pinks, May, 2006
Georgia Brown Quickstep, Quickstep IV+1, Kennedy, August, 2011
Geronomo Merengue, Merengue III, Auriene, February, 2005
Ginny Come Bolero, Bolero III+1, Galbraith, December, 2014
The Girl in My Arms, Waltz VI+1, Shane, August, 2007
Gold Tango, Tango IV+2, Read, April, 2011
Good Luck Charm Jive, Jive III+1, Sperry, February, 2010
Goodnight Sweetheart, Foxtrot IV+2, Winter, August, 2015
Green Door, Two Step II, Procter, March, 2006
Green, Green, Mixed III, Beck, November, 1998
Groovy Two Step, Two Step II, Kilner, May, 1999

Hallelujah, Two Step III, Reeder, November, 1999
Hammer and Nails, Foxtrot V, Kurczewski, June, 2010
Head On My Shoulder Bolero, Bolero III+2, Seurer, January, 2015
Heaven Can Wait, Mixed IV, Pinks, October, 2004
Hello Mary Lou, Cha Cha III+2, Scott, August, 2004
Home for Christmas Bolero, Bolero III+2, Hamilton, December, 2007
Hot Hot Merengue, Merengue III+2, Kincaid, January, 2008
The Human Thing to Do, Foxtrot V, Sheridan, May, 2010

I Can't Believe, Foxtrot V+2, Slater, July, 2010
I Do, I Do, I Do, Foxtrot V, Blackford, April, 2010
I Like to Lead, Foxtrot IV+2, Molitoris, December, 2007
I Love You More, Bolero IV+1, Hamilton, September, 2008
I Love You More FT, Foxtrot IV+2, Harris, November, 2012
I Want a Love That Will Last, Bolero IV, Parker, October, 2008
I Wanta Quickstep, Quickstep III+1, Palmquist, December, 2008
I Wish You Love, Foxtrot III, Hamilton, September, 2008
I'll Be the One, Cha Cha III+1, Jabour, March, 1998
I'll Be With You, Waltz III+1, Tucker, May, 2003
I'll Never Know, Foxtrot IV, Haworth, April, 2016
I'm Sorry I Answered Phone, Waltz-Jive III+2, Logan, September, 2003
I'm in the Mood for Love, Slow Two Step IV+1, Pearson, March, 2014
I've Got My Eyes on You, Bolero V, Blackford, June, 2005
I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm, Two Step II+2, Dunn, February, 2002
I've Got the World on a String, Jive V, Easterday, November, 2007
If, Slow Two Step IV+1, Casper, February, 2014
In the Still of the Night, Slow Two Step III+2, Hamilton, February, 2010
Inner Harbor Waltz, Waltz III+1, Tirrell, June, 2015
Intrigue, Waltz IV+1, Robinson, May, 2006
It Had to Be You, Mixed IV+1, Cunningham, April, 2008
It's All in the Game, Waltz IV+1, Baldwin, April, 2016
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Hesitation-Canter Waltz Unphased (IV), Pilachowski, December, 2012

Jukebox Baby, Quickstep III+2, Gloodt, July, 2005
Just for You, Waltz II+2, Hamilton, July, 2007
Just for You IV, Waltz IV, Hamilton, May, 2016
Just for You IV Video. Dance recorded by Jim Bell at “Accent on Rounds” in September, 2007

Key Largo Bolero, Bolero III+2, Chico, July, 2005
Kiddio IV, Jive IV+1, Powell/Brosie, July, 2015

La Li Lu Foxtrot, Foxtrot IV+2, Bradt, January, 2008
La Puerta, Bolero IV+1+1, Moore, October, 2011
Laurann, Waltz IV, Preskitt, April, 2017
Lavender Blue, Mixed III+1, Spiers, June, 2003
Lazy Quickstep, Quickstep III, Moss, May, 2006
Let It Go, Waltz IV+2, Byrd, July, 2017
Let's Mambo Tonight, Mambo III+2, Kincaid, May, 2008
Lilac Time, Waltz II+1, Auria, May, 1999
The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Mixed III+2, Huckeby, August, 2004
Little Mama, Jive IV+1, Walz, January, 2006
Live, Laugh, and Dance, Mixed III+2, Bond, August, 2007
Love Letters in the Sand, Slow Two Step IV, Hamilton, September, 1998
The Lovers' Waltz, Waltz IV+0+2, Hamilton, May, 2011
Lucky Lefty, Jive III+1, Waldorf, July, 2005

Mambo Istanbul, Mambo IV, Collipi, May, 2009
Manhattan, Foxtrot IV, Noble, June, 2015
Maria Elena, Foxtrot V, Ward, April, 2008
Maria Elena Bolero, Bolero III+2, Palenchar, January, 2015
Maria Rumba, Two Step II+2, Wolcott, November, 2014
Marilyn, Marilyn, Waltz IV, Palmquist, September, 2015
Mary Poppins' Waltz, Hesitation-Canter Waltz Unphased (IV), Hamilton, August, 2010
Me and My Shadow Foxtrot, Foxtrot IV, Hamilton, September, 2015
Memories Are Made of This, Foxtrot IV, Guenthner, June, 2015
Miami Beach Rumba, Rumba IV+2, Enghusen, July, 2008
The Moon Is Yellow, Tango III+1, Auria, July, 2005
Moon River, Waltz IV+1, Rumble, October, 2006
Moonlight Serenade, Slow Two Step III+1, Dunn, November, 2014
My Baby Just Care for Me, Quickstep IV+1, Folwell/Butcher, March, 2006

Never Say Never, Foxtrot III+1, Croft, February, 1999
No Matter What III, Rumba III+1, Fisher, October, 2005

On My Own, Rumba III+1, Pilachowski, September, 2004
One, Two Step II+1, Yakimowski, May, 2003
One Lost Moment, Waltz IV, Harris, May, 2008
One Love, Waltz II+1, Paull, July, 2008
Once in a While, Foxtrot V, Gloodt, August, 2012
Only Love Bolero, Bolero IV+2, Barton, August, 2014
Orient Exptess Foxtrot, Foxtrot V+2, Moore, September, 2007

Paparazzi, Jive V+1, Kincaid, July, 2012
Paper Roses Foxtrot, Foxtrot IV+2, Mitchell, November, 2005
Paso Quatro, Paso Doble IV, Howell, April, 2007
Pearly Shells, Two Step II, Latta, July, 2008
Perfect Harmony, Foxtrot III+2, Koozer, June, 1999
Pop Goes the Movies, Mixed III+2, Raye, August, 2014
Power of Love, Rumba IV+1, Goss, January, 2006

Quick 'N Easy, Quickstep III, Jabour, October, 2007
Quicksilver Waltz, Waltz II+1, Hamilton, September, 1999
Quietly Foxtrot, Foxtrot III, Bloom, October, 2008

Rachel's Song, Slow Two Step IV+1, Stairwalt, March, 2015
Rain in Spain Tango, Tango III, Maisch, March, 2013
Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder, Foxtrot III+1, Bingham, July, 2006
Remember, Waltz IV, Lawson, July, 2012
Rose of Tralee, Waltz IV+1, Glenn, July, 2014
Roses for Elizabeth, Two Step II, Bliss, January, 2016
Rub It in Cha, Cha Cha III+2, Williams, August, 1998
Rumba Romantica, Rumba IV, Moore, November, 2005

Samba Manana, Samba III+2, Cohen, August, 2006
Santa Catalina Jive, Jive III, Stephenson, August, 2008
Sarah's Song, Waltz II, Dodge, February, 1998
Send Her Roses, Foxtrot IV+2, Palmquist, November, 2014
Senorita Tango, Tango IV, Rumble, March, 2012
September Foxtrot, Foxtrot IV+1, Slotsve, September, 2014
Shades of Tango, Tango IV, Woolfenden, June, 2003
Shadow of Your Smile, Rumba III, Waldorf, November, 2006
Shadows in the Moonlight IV, Cha Cha IV+1, Slater, October, 2004
Sherry, Cha Cha III+2, Filardo, March, 2005
Shiek of Araby, Foxtrot III, Roberts, October, 1999
Sleeping Beauty, Bolero V, Moore, April, 2014
Slow Shag, Single Swing IV, Easterday, April, 2005
Slow Walk, Jive III+2, Kincaid, June, 2012
Song Sung Diamond, Slow Two Step IV, Smith, August, 2014
The Song We Fell in Love To, Foxtrot IV, Woodruff, February, 2006
Spaghetti Rag, Two Step II, Gniewek, July, 2008
Spring Serenade, Waltz IV+2, Scott, April, 2006
Star Dust 3, Foxtrot III+1, Drake, September, 2001
Stepping Out, Two Step II+2, Vogt, April, 2004
Stepping Out Quickstep, Quickstep III+2, Nelson, June, 2012
Suddenly, Waltz IV+2, Moore, September, 2011
Sugar Sugar, Cha Cha IV+2, Worlock, April, 2014
Summer Place, Slow Two Step III+2, Buck, July, 2015
Sunflower, Jive V, Tonks, September, 2012
Sweet Lips, Waltz III+2, Wright, September, 2005
Sweet Old-Fashioned Girl, Mixed III+1, Waldal, February, 1999
Sweetwater Jive, Jive III, Powell/Brosie, September, 2008
Swing On a Star, Cha Cha IV, Trankel/Gilder, August, 2005
Swinging Cha, Jive IV+1, Oliver, December, 2004

Tampa Jive, Jive V+2, Macuci, March, 2009
Tangerine, Rumba III+2, Lewis, August, 2011
Tango Escondido, Tango III, Yamashita, November, 2006
Tango Fantasia, Tango III+2, Cunningham, February, 2009
Tango Parisienne, Tango IV+1, Moore, October, 2011
Tango Reverie, Tango IV+2, Nelson, November, 2008
That Happy Feeling, Two Step II+2, Tennet, September, 2009
Tie a Yellow Ribbon, Two Step II+2, Helm, May, 2008
Till Then, Rumba V, Easterday, November, 2005
Tingling Waltz, Waltz II, Lillefield, September, 1999
Too Many Rivers, Slow Two Step IV+1, Hooper, December, 2012
Touch Me When We're Dancing, Rumba IV+2, Kincaid, May, 2012
Traces, Rumba IV+2, Noble, January, 2000
Twilight Time, Jive III, Sanders, April, 2003

Un Petite Foxtrot, Foxtrot IV+2, Tucker, April, 2006
Under the Boardwalk, Rumba IV, Woodruff, August, 2006
Under the Sea, Samba IV, Kincaid, August, 2006
Until You Come Back to Me, Rumba IV+2, Nelson, August, 2017

The Very Thought of You, Foxtrot III+1, Metzger, October, 1998
Vito's Waltz, Waltz V, Hichman, September, 2010

Waltz Tramonte, Waltz V+1, Britton, January, 2017
Watermelon Cha, Cha Cha III+1, Von der Heide, July, 1998
Way Down Yonder, Two Step II+1, Norton, September, 1998
We've Only Just Begun, Mixed III+2, Norton, August, 2014
Wedding Song Bolero, Bolero III+2, Hamilton, January, 2015
Wedding Song Bolero Video. Dance recorded by Jim Bell at “Accent on Rounds” in September, 2006
West Coast Swingin', WCS IV+1, Nelson, April, 2012
What a Wonderful World IV, Waltz IV, Pilachowski, June, 2012
When Can I Hold You Again, Waltz IV+2, Nelson, May, 2015
When I Grow Too Old to Dream, Waltz IV+1, Hilton, August, 2006
When Shadows Are Deep, Waltz III+2, Tucker, June, 2008
When You Are in Love, Hesitation-Canter Waltz IV, Hamilton, April, 2012
Whispers of the Wind, Bolero V, Stairwalt, May, 2016
Whistle While You Work, Quickstep III+1, Muller/Haas, September, 2016
Why Don'cha Do Right, Waltz IV+1, Moore, July, 2005
Wind Beneath My Wings III, Rumba III, Powell/Brosie, June, 2004
Witchcraft, Foxtrot IV+1, Slater, April, 2017
Without You, Rumba III, Slater, September, 1999
Without a Song, Foxtrot III+1, Baldwin, June, 2015
Wonderful Rain, Slow Two Step III, Young, December, 2012
Would You Like To, Rumba IV+2, Baldwin, December,2004

Yo Mama Don't Dance, Jive IV+2, Powell/Brosie, January, 2012
You and I, Rumba III+1, Casper, November, 1998
You Left the Water Running, Jive IV+2, Read, November, 2014
You Say You Will, West Coast Swing V, Rumble, September, 2011
You Walk By, Slow Two Step III, Bond, June, 2009

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